Financial Market Supervisory Authority Of The Republic Of Azerbaijan

National Depository Centre is Central Depository of Azerbaijan Republic. National Depository Centre is a noncommercial legal entity, established by the executive authority body.

The duties of National Depository Center includes:

- safekeeping and record keeping of securities

- record keeping of accounts of securities owners  

- providing and conducting of the electronic system of securities and the accounts of securities owners

- keeping the registry of securities owners

- record keeping of the accounts of nominal holders

- registration of cases of encumbrance of securities with obligations

- providing services stipulated in the activity to its members, issuers, stock exchange and clearing organizations

- presenting statement from the account and information on conducted operations by the requests of the customers

- services defined by the law “On investment funds’’ of Azerbaijan Republic, notably safekeeping of shares of investment funds and confirming their rights and facts of encumbrance, record keeping and safekeeping of assets managing by the investment funds and documents on them and also opening and keeping of  cash accounts and implementation of cash transfer.