Financial Market Supervisory Authority Of The Republic Of Azerbaijan

Training and Education Center on Financial Markets is a qualified training and education center performing under the Financial Markets Supervision Authority of Azerbaijan Republic. As a non-commercial organization, Training and Education Center performs under the Financial Markets Supervision Authority since 2016 and fulfills its objectives. The Center has been established to serve the people who is currently working or willing to work for financial markets, as well as the individuals interested in receiving information and training on financial markets, its instruments, participants, and functions. Different types of trainings are held in the Training Center in the areas of finance, business, accounting and management. Based on the financial and management areas, our Center  organizes training programs aligned with the international practice on “Financial Analysis”, “Basics of National Accounting Standards”, “Tax Accounting”, “Portfolio Management”, “Derivatives”, “Evaluation of Capital Market Instruments in Azerbaijan”, “Human Resources Management”, “Principles and Instruments of Capital Markets in Azerbaijan”, “Risk Management”, “Corporate Finance”, “Analysis of Financial Reports”, “CFA Preparatory Courses”, “FRM Preparatory Courses”, “Project Management” and others.